We’re back stronger this time

We’re back stronger this time however before we launch more official updates about what’s coming up for our projects let’s take some moments to briefly explain what our focuses are for the new year.

Our brand A Maui Vacation Rental will no longer be focusing on creating content for vacation rentals based in Maui. Instead, from today onwards, our focuses will be reviewing online products especially digital products that are trending right now.

Why you may ask? You bet the decision to make the transition is a tough one since we are based in Maui ourselves, however, the reality is making rentals is a hard business to make ends meet. We figured why not give product reviewing a shot since we’re pretty much knowledgable in the tech field in our own respective ways.

If you’ve any good product in mind that you want to see being reviewed, just send us an email and we’ll let you know our decision.

We may also resume the Maui Vacation rental business if this review business eventually picks up itself and becomes profitable. Wish us luck!